When the artistic Laura (Clara RugaardI Am Mother) meets the love of her life, it seems she’s living the dream, but it all comes crashing down when her vinyl-loving boyfriend suddenly dies. Devastated by her loss, she discovers that the mix-tape they made together can transport her back in time, giving her a second chance at love.

Press Play is genuinely romantic with sci-fi elements thrown in the mix. The butterfly effect Laura creates by going back in time to warn Harrison (Lewis PullmanTop Gun: Maverick) for his imminent death is often inventive and makes it all the more dramatic when she starts to realise she can’t change fate without altering the course of other people’s timeline.

First time feature film director Greg Björkman delivers a solid sci-fi romance that will easily satisfy die hard romcom lovers, without ever overstaying its welcome. But its the highly enjoyable cast that makes Press Play such a welcome breeze of fresh air. Rugaard proves she’s ready to take on some bigger Hollywood projects, while her chemistry with her on screen boyfriend feels authentic. Danny Glover and Lyrica Okano feel particularly underused, but whenever they’re on screen they shine just as much as you’d expect.

Press Play is definitely a generic young adult romance, but one can’t deny the sci-fi injection makes for a fun watching experience. But in all seriousness, who wouldn’t risk it all for Lewis Pullman?!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Reviewed online (screener provided by publicist), July 27, 2022. Running time: 85 min.

PRODUCTION: A Rialto Distribution release of a CJ Entertainment production. Producers: Josh Boone, Francis Chung, Logan Lerman & Jonathan Schwartz. Executive producers: Young Ki Cho, Paul Davis & Jerry Ko.

CREW: Director: Greg Björkman. Writers: James Bachelor & Greg Björkman. Cinematography: Luca Del Puppo. Editing: Patrick J. Don Vito. Music: Eldad Guetta.

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