Review – ‘Happiest Season’

Holiday season is coming in fast, and with families stuck inside their own little bubble, what better time to watch a new breed of Christmas flick? Yes, ‘Happiest Season‘ borrows some familiar genre tropes, and glams it up with a pinch of glitter and rainbows. LGBTQ+ representation in films of this caliber are almost unheard […]

Review – ‘Girl’

Chad Faust, mostly known for his acting career, has made the big step to directing. For his first feature film, ‘Girl‘ he was able to attract none other than Academy Award nominee, Mickey Rourke and actor Bella Thorne. A revenge thriller with a bad ass female lead? Yes, please. In ‘Girl‘, A young woman (Bella […]

Review – ‘The Nest’

Sean Durkin‘s sophomore film, ‘The Nest‘ is an outstanding drama that often feels like it wants to dip its toes so desperately into thriller territory. Nine years ago, his first film ‘Martha Marcy May Marlene‘ decided to fully dive in to the latter genre, and with success. You can tell he’s grown as a director, […]

Hulu Review – ‘Run’

Director Aneesh Chaganty‘s first two films have a common theme: parenting gone wrong. Where ‘Searching‘ followed a father in search of his missing daughter, visionary shown through the use of social media and screens that can be found all over the house, his newest film focuses on a mother who would do anything for her […]

2020 DOC NYC Review – ‘Chasing Childhood’

While watching ‘Chasing Childhood‘, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own childhood and upbringing. I’m not the kind of person who judges people’s parenting, but you can definitely notice a shift in behaviour with kids back in the 90s and 00s, and those growing up now. Oh wow, I’ve become one of those people. […]

Short Film Review – ‘Wrath’

Co-directed by Meg Case and her partner Brad Porter, ‘Wrath‘ takes you inside the mind of an artistic young woman on the brink of a mental breakdown, while COVID-19 hits her home Michigan, USA and the rest of the world. Amidst a mandatory quarantine, a young woman living in isolation battles against her growing paranoia […]

Review – ‘The Craft: Legacy’

As with every reboot, sequel, remake, retelling of a cult classic story, ‘The Craft: Legacy‘ bumped into a whole lot of protest when Amazon Prime released the first trailer of the SEQUEL to 1996’s ‘The Craft‘. Just like its predecessor, a trio of witches are hoping to find their fourth member to complete their little […]

Netflix Review – ‘Rebecca’

Ben Wheatley is an interesting director to say the least. His work, stylistically strong, spans broad genres and is often met with well-deserved critical acclaim. They aren’t usually targeted at a broader audience so it was surprising to find out his next project was Rebecca, a novel already famously adapted by Alfred Hitchcock (his first […]

Review – ‘Honest Thief’

Back in 2008 a gravelly voiced Neeson delivered that all too famous ‘I have a particular set of skills’ line that suddenly bombarded him to an unlikely action star status. Since then he’s had a steady stream of sequels and similar tough guy fare ranging from decent to entertaining. Honest Thief is the newest addition […]

Short Film Review – ‘Oleander’

Kate Hackett, who most recently won an Emmy for her editing work on the Netflix documentary series ‘Cheers‘, has made a short film that centers around the 17-year old titular character, Oleander. The sex-positive YouTuber’s parents make her attend a local abstinence program, called “The Institute of Transformation”, or as Oleander (Emily Robinson – ‘Eighth […]