Shane West as Ryan in Escape The Field. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lionsgate

One-by-one, six strangers wake up in a never-ending cornfield. None of them remember how they got there, and they all have their own set of theories. With nothing but one item on them, they must find a way to Escape the Field, or die being hunted by a mysterious figure hiding in the shadows.

Those rushing to compare this movie with In the Tall Grass, solely based on its location and a group strangers, are proven wrong a few minutes in. The entire cast, consisting of some well known names, such as Shane West (Gotham), Theo Rossi (Army of the Dead) and Jordan Claire Robbins (The Umbrella Academy), all do a phenomenal job in front of the obvious green screen. Each of the characters are fleshed out enough for us to care, although some are meant to enervate us.

Director and co-writer Emerson Moore delivers a solid directorial feature film debut that both entertains and keeps you guessing at what comes next. The location and cast help Moore’s, Sean Wathen‘s & Joshua Dobkin‘s writing, which also cleverly utilises some original puzzles, and a conspiracy theory that could’ve used a proper ending to bring it to a more satisfying conclusion.

Escape the Field works best when it focuses on the horror genre and uses jump scares in its favour. The action thriller aspect that takes over in the final act feels like it’s holding back too much, when it could’ve pushed into a higher gear. Nonetheless, Emerson Moore is definitely a name I’ll keep my eye on in the future.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


ESCAPE THE FIELD will play in select theatres and available on demand May 6.

Reviewed April 30, 2022 (screener provided by Lionsgate) Rating: R. Running time: 88 min. 

PRODUCTION: A Lionsgate release of an Anacapa Pictures, CR8IV DNA, Double Dutch International & Stormchaser Films production. Producers: Andrew Davies Gans, Emerson Moore, Jason Moring & Michael Philip. Executive producers: Peter Hampden, Jo Marr & Norman Merry.

CREW: Director: Emerson Moore. Writers: Emerson Moore, Sean Wathen & Joshua Dobkin. Editing: Mitch Martin. Cinematography: Stephen Chandler Whitehead. Music: Will Musser.

CAST: Shane West, Theo Rossi, Jordan Claire Robbins, Tahirah Sharif, Elena Juatco, & Julian Feder.

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