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After a chemical is released into the water supply of a small mountain town which turns the inhabitants into flesh eating monsters, one family struggles to survive the end of the world and attempts to find safety before they succumb to the ravages of other survivors. Lead by patriarch Ethan (Jason Tobias) and his wife Joe (Marci Miller) they do whatever it takes to make sure their children Josh (Danny Ruiz) and Mia (Cece Kelly) live to see another morning.

While held up in their old home, a group of scavengers invade their compound in search of supplies. Desiree (Susan Moore Harmon) is captured and held as collateral. She offers up a trade and Josh, along with her son Lincoln (Justin Dray) go to their camp for supplies. It’s not until Josh is double crossed that he learns of their possession of a cure that could help put an end to all of this and get things back to normal. But, naturally, everything must come at a price.

Our heroes do whatever it takes to save their family and in the end, the sacrifices they make is for the greater good. Working together for a common goal will almost always result in success, even if there are a few weak links in the chain. There is nothing stronger than a bond between a parent and their child.

Co-written and directed by lead Josh Tobias and Geoff Reisner, everyone is firing on all cylinders, taking every scene seriously and going for it. However the plot feels like a hybrid of The Walking Dead & A Quiet Place, taking similar plot elements and mushing them together in a nuclear reactor, but with a 1/3 of the budget. Thankfully the performances make this watchable, but it comes off as an Asylum parody/satire film, fun but nothing that will stick with you after you’ve finished watching.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Signature Entertainment presents FORGET EVERYTHING AND RUN on Digital Platforms 26th April

Review – Forget Everything and Run (F.E.A.R.)

Reviewed online (screener provided by Signature Entertainment), April 11, 2021. Rating: TBC. Running time: 101 min.

PRODUCTION: (UK) A Signature Entertainment release of an Action Figure Entertainment production. Producers: Anna Bradley, Jason Tobias. Executive producers: Blair Pennington, Lucas Solomon.

CREW: Directors/writers: Geoff Reisner, Jason Tobias. Cinematography: Jimmy Matlosz. Editing: Christie Fall. Music: Alex Kovacs.

CAST: Marci Miller, Jason Tobias, Danny Ruiz, Cece Kelly, Susan Moore Harmon, Justin Dray, Denver Isaac, Ivana Rojas.

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  1. Thanks for the overall favorable review of FEAR, if only we had a 1/3 the budget of either show, who knows what we could have accomplished. I’m glad you watched it all the way through, it seems, and overall enjoyed the film we made.

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