You know what they are? Fucking Cock Destroyers, babes. If you don’t know who they are, you must have been living under a rock for the last two years or be too straight for your own good. Rebecca More & Sophie Anderson are here to despunk the world, and together with, the internet’s most popular gay porn site, they’ve decided to search for The Next Destroyer.

For those who thought 2020 couldn’t get any wilder, you’re about to get proven wrong. The two viral superstar vixens are joined by Matthew Camp to make history with the award-winning adult entertainment site’s first mainstream and (sort of) Safe For Work, innovative competition reality show, Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer. Over the course of four wildly amusing episodes, Rebecca and Sophie will hunt for the next international queer sex symbol, and decide on who of the seven contestants has the imagination and sex appeal to join The Cock Destroyers’ tribe.

What strikes you the most, is that even though this is coming from an adult entertainment site, is how funny and positive everything is. This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the educational factor and sex-positive vibes the show brings is already something that’s rarely seen on television (or in this case, online). Of course a reality show has to have some drama, and who better than to entertain us viewers with some additional commentary and narration than internet superstar, ChaseIcon?! Her “ChaseIconic” witty one-liners and shady comments are being shot at contestants like a true internet troll, relentlessly stepping on their necks, while staying true to your own brand.

All of our contestants come from different walks of life and have a diverse point of view and mentality to bring to The Cock Destroyer-brand. As becomes clear quite early on, this isn’t going to be an easy run for sweetheart Sophie, who just can’t break someone’s spirit with negative comments. Our favourite British broads aren’t here to play games, a lot is at stake and they want to make sure they make the right decisions going forward. Throughout the competition they get supported by a series of guest judges, such as one of the first viral superstars ChrisLeave Britney AloneCrocker and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK royalty Baga Chipz, and well known talented mentors who will help our rivaling friends with challenges, ranging from pole dancing, to kinky photo shoots and full on showstopping cabaret.

The chaotic energy brought to this secret location in the British country side, is completely on brand for The Cock Destroyers, and also the charm of Sophie and Rebecca’s undeniable chemistry. They know how to motivate and encourage each and everyone of the temporary tenants, whether they’re from Mexico, like Gustavo – who just can’t seem to stop eating; Scotland, such as superfan Kevin, or Los Angeles, where Nicky – the feisty and biggest threat of the show resides. Tyreece, Levi, Cameron and Cain complete the house and with a wide range of qualities and talents, they’ll make sure to leave their mark on not only The Cock Destroyers, but are ready to take the world by storm.

This is a solid first impression on what adult entertainment can branch out to, setting the bar high for others to follow. The production quality is hit-and-miss, but clearly cost-effective since it’s all filmed in one location due to the global pandemic, where the indoor scenes are of a much higher quality than those filmed outside, which is something that can definitely be improved upon when we (hopefully) get a second season. Make up, hairstyling, wardrobe and cinematography is on another level, where the crew and cast are aware of their best angles, which is to be expected from a production company this supreme. After watching the first season, I can tell this definitely has the potential to grow into a full franchise, where we could see the show being filmed in different corners of the world, expanding the seasons with more episodes and seeing an even wider range of contestants to grace our screens with much needed diversity.

The beauty of ‘Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer‘ is that it presents itself as not just a groundbreaking new format, but as a platform to the LGBTQIA+ community to have meaningful conversations about sex, diversity and queerness. In a world where people still get discriminated for their sexuality, gender and identity, this is a huge step forward towards inclusion on a much larger scale. For to present their very first mainstream series for FREE on their platform is nothing short but remarkable and simply not done in today’s world of streaming. It gives the world an opportunity to embrace themselves and others. ‘Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer‘ is an empowering show unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before, that will resonate with a lot of people. ¡Ay Que Rico!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer will premiere on on Black Friday, with episodes streaming weekly for free.

Review – ‘Slag Wars: The Next Destroyer’

Reviewed online (screener provided by publicist), November 25, 2020. Rating: R. Running time: 4 x 50 min.

PRODUCTION: A production. Executive producers: Christopher Cusumano, Artie Davis, Jeremie Romain.

CREW: Director: Artie Davis. Screenplay: Christopher Cusumano. Editor: Justin Beltz, Barney Murray. Cinematography: Liam Bracey, Oscar Freemantle, Austin Nunes, Jackie Read, Andy Smith. Score: Andrew Barret Cox.

WITH: Sophie Anderson, Rebecca More, Matthew Camp, ChaseIcon, Gustavo Escobedo, Kevin Scott, Nicky Monet, Levi Jed Murphy, Tyreece Nye, Cameron Smith.

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