TIFF20 Review – ‘Akilla’s Escape’

25 years ago, the Toronto International Film Festival launched a new section showcasing films from Africa and the African diaspora. This year, as we join the call from the streets for Black liberation, we celebrate the voices that Planet Africa amplified. One of the titles being shown as part of Planet Africa 25 is Charles […]

Review – ‘Becky’

Like a twisted gory version of ‘Home Alone’, a 13 year-old rebellious girl channels her teen angst when a weekend getaway at a lake house with her father (Joel McHale – ‘Community‘) turns deadly. Teen angst and emotional flashbacks to Becky’s mother’s death make for great triggers when having to deal with these killer convicts […]

Fantasia International Film Festival Review – ‘Fried Barry’

‘Fried Barry‘ is a South African film, based on the 2017 short film of the same name. When lousy dad/husband and heroine junkie Barry gets abducted by aliens, he finds his body taken over by an extraterrestrial entity, who’s ready to explore Cape Town in the wildest way possible. Sex, drugs and violence take center […]