TIFF20 Review – ‘Pieces Of A Woman’

Premiering at Venice Film Festival earlier this month, where Vanessa Kirby just won the award for best actress, ‘Pieces of a Woman‘ kicks off its harrowing story with an incredibly long one take opening sequence wherein Martha (Kirby) and Shawn (LaBeouf) see their planned home birth end tragically. What follows is a melodramatic postpartum period, […]

TIFF20 Review – ‘Wolfwalkers’

Wolfwalkers is a delightful celebration of sisterhood in its many forms. It encourages humans to bond with animals, nature and our kindred spirits. Honor Kneafsey (‘A Christmas Prince: A Royal Baby‘) voices the role of Robyn Goodfellowe, a young apprentice hunter, who with her father, Bill (Sean Bean – ‘Possessor‘), have come to the county […]

TIFF20 Review – ‘Akilla’s Escape’

25 years ago, the Toronto International Film Festival launched a new section showcasing films from Africa and the African diaspora. This year, as we join the call from the streets for Black liberation, we celebrate the voices that Planet Africa amplified. One of the titles being shown as part of Planet Africa 25 is Charles […]

TIFF20 Review – ‘Penguin Bloom’

Based on a true story, ‘Penguin Bloom‘ tells the story of Sam Bloom, who after suffering a traumatic accident finds herself searching for a reason to live. “If I can’t be a mother, then what am I?!“, she says with tears in her eyes. Glendyn Ivin‘s crowdpleasing tearjerker paints a portrait of a family overcoming […]

TIFF20 Review – ‘Monday’

One of the more mainstream titles TIFF20 has to offer, is Argyris Papadimitropoulos‘ Monday, in which Marvel Studios’ very own Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan, and Denise Gough play two thirtysomething Americans living their best life in Athens. As soon as they meet on a wild party weekend, sparks go flying. All good things come to […]

TIFF20 Review – ‘Inconvenient Indian’

Thomas King sits in the back of a car while making an important observation on how we have to be careful of the stories we tell and those we’ve been told. Once it’s been told, we can never call it back. Throughout the film he tells us the story of the coyote and the ducks, which […]

TIFF20 Review – ‘Saint-Narcisse’

Canadian director extraordinaire Bruce La Bruce graces TIFF20’s program with his latest schlockfest ‘Saint-Narcisse‘. La Bruce takes us back to the 70s, where we meet the 22 year-old narcissist Dominic. Taking Polaroid selfies every opportunity he gets, he constantly turns himself on by looking at his own reflection. When his grandmother dies, he discovers his […]

TIFF20 Review – ‘One Night In Miami…’

Regina King‘s feature directing debut with drama ‘One Night in Miami…‘, from a screenplay by Kemp Powers based upon his original stage play of the same name, is the crowdpleasing TIFF20 film you should be watching. Blending entertainment and activism, fame and principle, together on one fabled evening to remember. One Night in Miami… imagines a night in […]

TIFF20 Review – ‘Under The Open Sky’

TIFF20’s fourth film on our schedule is the incredibly beautiful Japanese feature ‘Under The Open Sky‘ (originally titled ‘Subarashiki Sekai‘). Inspired by Mr. Ryuko Saki’s novel ‘Mibuncho’ (translated ‘Inmate Files’), director Nishikawa Miwa for the first time ever uses someone else’s story to create one that’s inspired by ex-convicts who try to adapt to a […]

TIFF20 Review – ‘Holler’

Our second day – and third film – of TIFF20 is reserved for Nicole Riegel‘s debut feature ‘Holler‘. Riegel, winner of Palm Springs Festival’s “Directors to Watch”-award, channels some serious gritty ‘Winter’s Bone‘-vibes, including a promising young lead and a look at a small community living far beneath the poverty line, trying to survive in […]