Linda is unfairly punished by her mother, Paulette, who will do anything to make it up to her. Even make chicken with peppers when in fact she can’t cook. Linda absolutely wants to have the chicken that her late father used to make… Most days it shouldn’t be this hard to find a chicken and some peppers, but not today. Linda has picked the one day there’s a general strike.

The duo sets off on a crazy journey in and around their city, looking for the ingredients they so desperately need to make tonight’s special dinner. Along the way they come across familiar and new faces, make friends and enemies, and heal some old wounds. A lot to take in for an animated film that looks a lot like a children’s book brought to life.

Luckily, there’s a perfect balance between zany playfulness and some deeper underlining message about death and parenting. Sébastien Laudenback (The Girl Without Hands) and Chiara Malta (Simple Women) both wrote and directed Linda veut du poulet!, which sometimes feels a little too simple, but luckily knows how to keep your attention without overstaying its welcome.

The bright, hand drawn style, cheerful music and generous use of colour make Chicken For Linda! easy on the eye and engaging for all ages.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Reviewed online (screener provided by publicist), May 20, 2023. Running time: 73 min.

PRODUCTION: A Charades release of a Miyu Productions & Dolce Vita Films production.

CREW: Directors/writers: Sébastien Laudenbach & Chiara Malta. Editing: Catherine Aladenise. Music: Clément Ducol.

CAST: (voices) Clotilde Hesme, Laetitia Dosch, Estéban, Claudine Acs, Patrick Pineau & Mélinée Leclerc.

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