An upside down Robinson Crusoe story

Doctor Robinson Crusoe is enjoying his time alone on a secluded island. He has his iPad and not a care in the world. He has time to himself in which to reflect, the weight of the world has gotten to him and he needs a break. When a ship of refugees from Africa crashes in the ocean, Dr. Crusoe helps sole survivor, Friday (really named Amadou), and in return he feels indebted to the doctor for pulling him from the cruel and unforgiving sea.

Dr. Crusoe goes on a journey with a mermaid and a pirate to the other side of the island to see what horrible things exist in this world. Factories and forced labour camps pollute the sands with the rich elite fornicating and frolicking without a care. It will take some outside force to restore the balance and make it that everyone gets an equal slice of the pizza.

Very, very loosely based on Daniel Defoe’s novel, this updated interpretation take a man who wants to be alone to see that you can not run away from the problems in the world. Things might seem bad now, but they can always get worse. Ignoring problems don’t make them vanish.

Romanian director Anca Damian along with writer Augusto Zanovello delve deep into the a surreal Salvador Dali/Terry Gilliam tale that speaks volumes about how people treat others. Corporations will abuse those who are disenfranchised and break them while the rest of the world dance the day away caring only about how their selfie looks in the algorithm. While this film beats you over the head with the message that some people suck while distracting you with pretty colors, it’s clear that there are still humans that are good and will do good.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Reviewed February 13, 2022 (screener provided by publicist). Rating: TBC. Running time: 84 min. 

PRODUCTION: An Aparta Film, Take Five & Komadoli Studio production. Producer: Anca Damian.

CREW: Director: Anca Damian. Writers: Anca Damian & Augusto Zanovello. Editing: Dana Bunescu & Dan Panaitescu. Art direction: Gina Thorstensen. Music: Alexander Balancescu & Ada Milea.

CAST: (voices) Alexander Balanescu, Lucian Ionescu, Cristina Juncu & Ada Milea.

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