Swedish animated film Top 3, part of this this year’s Mardi Gras Film Festival program, is straightforward and tells its story in a very unique way. In this funny, bittersweet romantic comedy, perpetual list-maker Anton (Eric Ernerstedt) falls in love with David (Jonas Jonsson), but things start to go awry when Anton realises that his dreams in life might be in direct opposition to David’s.

Although Sofie Edvardsson‘s film is only 45 minutes long, it does a great job at delving deeper into Anton’s emotional state of mind before and after he finds love. The digital animation style is full of details, although our main characters facial expressions are a bit monotone at times. What’s satisfying is the use of vibrant colours throughout – especially when Anton and David go on a trip to India – simply stunning.

Anton always puts his life in perspective by making top 3-lists, starting with the top three idiots he hates the most: the Prime Minister, me (himself), and you (David). In a clever and quirky way, writer Simon Österhof thinks of the most surprisingly relatable and human insecurities by asking the right questions and understanding a gay man’s struggle when it comes to finding love and dealing with certain complications when it comes to a person’s individual needs in life. What’s also beautiful to see is that Anton, although animated, is a normal Swedish guy, who isn’t your typically muscular model-like man. Representation is important, and if an animated film can contribute to a more inclusive environment, then I’m all here for it.

Top 3 isn’t necessarily groundbreaking storywise, but for sure keeps the pace up and even establishes a more emotional connection the more time you get to spend with these characters. A sympathetic look at the joys and struggles of young people falling in love and growing up in different directions, including mismatched dreams. Clearly created with a heart full of love, Top 3 is a resonating tale about how life can be a journey of growth and new experiences, with a little bit of pushing and pulling, and a lot of butterflies and insecurities.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Top 3 is showing as part of Mardi Gras Film Festival on the following date:

  • Saturday February 15 – 6:30 PM at Dendy Newtown

Buy your tickets now: https://tix.queerscreen.org.au/Events/Top-3

Mardi Gras Film Festival Review – ‘Top 3’

Reviewed online (screener provided by MGFF PR-team), Sydney, Jan. 27, 2020. Australian Classification: Unclassified 15+. Running time: 45 min. (original title: Topp 3)

PRODUCTION: A Soja production. Produced by Simon Österhof.

CREW: Directed by Sofie Ervardsson. Screenplay: Simon Österhof. Music: Felix Martinz, Patrik Öberg.

WITH: (voices – Swedish) Eric Ernerstedt, Jonas Jonsson, Caroline Johansson Kuhmunen.

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